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Student success and growth depends on being provided with the appropriate access and opportunities. CaptionConnect provides access to information for students in real-time and after a class is completed.Speech-to-text software for education

For Deaf or hard-of-hearing students, access to an interpreter can be crucial in ensuring their engagement with the curriculum. However with shortages of Sign language Interpreters, CaptionConnect has been used as an additional solution to provide equal access to the students. The cutting-edge software has been providing real-time captioning and transcription for both physical classrooms and through remote learning setups. As lessons unfold, students can follow along through live captions, gaining immediate access and understanding of the content. The provision of post-lesson transcripts further enriches their learning experience, offering a valuable resource for revision and deeper understanding, helping to achieve better learning outcomes.

CaptionConnect in Education
  • Real-time captioning and transcription of lessons either in class or via remote and flexible learning.
  • Access to a transcript of lessons for students to refer back to as a study resource after the lesson had ended.
  • Helps to foster active participation.
  • Improves student confidence, health and well-being.
  • Benefits students who are deaf or hard of hearing or have additional learning challenges
  • Live Translation that supports EAL (English as an Additional Language) students
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