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    CaptionConnect is an incredibly powerful automatic captioning and transcription tool that makes your spoken classes, presentations, meetings and dialogue accessible to all participants during and after a session

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Creating inclusive workplaces, learning environments & communities

Fast, powerful, accurate, real-time captioning and transcription software

CaptionConnect is a powerful, easy to use, cloud-based software that allows you to quickly and accurately convert speech-to-text in real-time and also translate in over 100 different languages.

The powerful and flexible automatic captioning software offers a robust suite of useful features that removes the requirement for manual transcription, saving time and money and making spoken classes, presentations and meetings more accessible. CaptionConnect assists by removing access barriers for participants who are Deaf or hard of hearing or have learning challenges by ensuring they are not missing information that is spoken by a presenter. CaptionConnect also provides supplementary features such as meeting integration and live translation in over 100 languages.


Discover the power of CaptionConnect

CaptionConnect captions a presenter’s speech and simultaneously displays the text onto both the presenters and subscribers’ screens in a live presentation. The subscribers can view the presentation in real-time and from anywhere around the world.

Accessibility options tailored to the users specific needs

Captioning in real-time directly onto a variety of viewer devices.

live real-time captioning to enhance presentations, conferences, meetings and seminars and make them more accessible.

Use CaptionConnect in a live presentation or meeting and have the ability to playback the audio and edit the transcript before making it available to participants post session.

CaptionConnect uses Artificial Intelligence to accurately caption and auto correct words depending on the context of the conversation or presentation.

Live Translation in over 100 languages and in multiple languages simultaneously.

all you need is an internet standards compliant browser. No installation needed.

Integration with most popular video platforms, such as: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Cisco Webex

Easily navigate the User Interface, making it fast and easy to get started with the software.

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Bringing accessible classrooms & workplaces to life

For Deaf or hard-of-hearing students, access to an interpreter can be crucial in ensuring their engagement with the curriculum. However with shortages of Sign language Interpreters, CaptionConnect has been used as an additional solution to provide equal access to the students. The cutting-edge software has been providing real-time captioning and transcription for both physical classrooms and through remote learning setups. As lessons unfold, students can follow along through live captions, gaining immediate access and understanding of the content. The provision of post-lesson transcripts further enriches their learning experience, offering a valuable resource for revision and deeper understanding, helping to achieve better learning outcomes.

We believe that people deserve better software and solutions to improve how they work, study and live.
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CaptionConnect supports deaf student to achieve academic excellence.
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Who can use CaptionConnect ?

With so many innovative features, CaptionConnect is a valuable tool for a variety of industries and can be used in a wide range of settings.

Create accessible classrooms and lectures.


Quickly and easily transcribe Legal proceedings with high accuracy


Real-time captioning and live translation for conferences.