How it Works

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Speech-to-text in real-time

CaptionConnect automatically caption’s a presenter’s speech via a microphone and simultaneously displays the speech to text onto both the presenters and the subscribers screen.

CaptionConnect uses Artificial Intelligence to provide fast and accurate captioning with self auto-correction, making it an ideal solution for live presentations, webinars, meetings and conversations with multiple speakers.

When the session is completed, the audio file and transcript can be accessed and edited before being published in the software.

Live Translation

Experience seamless global communication with our cutting-edge live translation feature. Our software offers real-time translation capabilities for over 100 languages, enabling effective communication across linguistic barriers.

The platform allows you to translate to multiple languages simultaneously, ensuring that every participant can engage in their preferred language. With the flexibility to choose their own language, participants feel more connected and engaged. After the live session concludes, transcripts are readily accessible, capturing the entire conversation. Any modifications made to the original transcript are automatically mirrored across all translated versions, maintaining accuracy and consistency throughout.

Break down language barriers, foster inclusivity, and enhance collaboration with our comprehensive translation solution.

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