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CaptionConnect for Conferences

CaptionConnect enhances accessibility by ensuring that presentations and discussions are accessible to all, including individuals who may be deaf or hard of hearing or be individuals who are non-native speakers. CaptionConnect’ s Live Translation capabilities break down language barriers, making content comprehensible to a diverse audience.

Live translation also expands the reach of conferences, making them accessible to an international audience, fostering cross-border collaborations and global networking opportunities. These technologies empower all participants to actively engage in discussions and Q&A sessions, effectively eliminating language barriers and ensuring that every voice is heard.

Furthermore, embracing CaptionConnect and its live translation can help conferences comply with accessibility regulations and standards while establishing a positive reputation in their respective industries. The technology offers cost-effective solutions by eliminating the need for hiring live captioners.

Overall, integrating real-time captioning and live translation into conferences is a forward-thinking approach that promotes inclusivity, accessibility, and global engagement. It ensures that conferences leave a lasting impact on a diverse audience and remain relevant in an ever-evolving global landscape.

  • Easily access a session with an access code
  • Choose your preferred language and follow along in real-time
  • Access audio and transcripts after the event
  • Captions or live translation can be viewed on large screens or personal devices
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