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Deaf or hard of hearing students rely on assistive technology in the absence of an Interpreter. CaptionConnect provides access to the school curriculum for deaf or hard of hearing students and all students to assist with improving their learning outcomes.


  • Offers real-time captioning and transcription of lessons either in class or via remote and flexible learning.
  • Provides the transcripts of lessons to students to read and reuse as a study resource after the lesson had ended.
  • Helps to foster active participation.
  • Improves student confidence, health and well-being.
  • Is a faster, more accurate and more cost-effective solution for educational
    institutions to make their classrooms a more accessible learning environment.

Student success and growth depends on being provided with the appropriate tools and opportunities. CaptionConnect Live provides facilities for students to find lectures in a simple and intuitive manner. Recent and upcoming lectures are displayed on a student’s homepage.

Speech-to-text software for education

CaptionConnect is ideal for classrooms, science labs, lecture theatres and auditoriums. It is easy to use software that gives students access to live captioning via a desktop web browser or mobile device. No tricky installations, no clunky dashboards, just simple easy to use software, that make your lessons accessible to all students. CaptionConnect offers powerful voice to text software that is ideal for educational institutions, from early learning centres, through to Universities and TAFE’s. CaptionConnect allows you to save, search and annotate your lessons and notes. The result is enhanced learning and improve student outcomes and that’s a winning combination.

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